Astrid Haug is one of the leading Danish experts on social media and digital transformation with 15 years of experience in this field.

She is a very experienced keynote speaker. Whether the event is physical or digital, a small or large group, Astrid always makes sure to engage in a dialogue with the audience.

In her agency, Astrid Haug Bureau, where she advises on social media strategy, digital political communication and digital transformation processes. She has published four books about social media strategy and digital transformation, and she is the member of several boards, such as Unicef Denmark, Symbion (the largest startup community office space in Denmark) and the circular startup Veras Vintage.

In 2004, she worked as a volunteer for John Kerry’s presidential campaign in the New York fundraising office. Since then, she has worked at the Danish Parliament, the Copenhagen City Hall and at the Danish Ministry of Culture as special advisor. She is a widely used expert in Danish media on the American election campaigns, social media, big tech and relating topics.

Keynote 1. Is your company getting the best of social media?

Never before has a media revolution gone asso fast as it has with social media. In very few years, billions of people have become loyal users of services such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. This has meant a huge change in the way consumers gather information, communicate and shop. This has also fundamentally changed how a company should communicate and market itself. On the one hand, it is easier than ever to reach many consumers quickly, on the other hand, users are very critical with their time, likes and attention. This presentation takes you into the mind of the consumers – where both young and old share the small and big moments of everyday life. It helps you to understand how you can be relevant to customers and how you can create a strategic framework for social media. It also give you insights to where social media is headed and how you can be on top of the curve.

Keynote 2. Employee advocacy and thought leaders – how to get engage your employees on social media

With employee advocacy you get more trustworthy and personal communication, and you increase the volume of people the company can reach out to. Employee advocacy is not about converting your employees into spam machines – it’s about empowering them to take part in meaningful online communities and become thought leaders within their field. For the employee, it’s a great opportunity to increase their professional network and personal branding, as they become company ambassadors or influencers. Employee advocacy is a win-win situation for the company and the employees, but there’s obstacles too – do they have the time, what should they post, and what if it they make mistakes? Astrid guides you through the do’s and don’ts of employee advocacy.

Keynote 3. The future belongs to the fearless – about the company’s digital transformation

There is a lot of talk about digital transformation and new technology everywhere, but what does it mean for you when all industries are digitized, and thus there is technology in everything? Digitalisation is a question of how we approach the world. Whether we fearfully leave it to all the others to find the answers and take chances. Or whether we fearlessly embark on new adventures and find the right solutions in the numerous possibilities that technology brings. We should be willing to challenge convenience and cannibalize our own business so that we are not hit by digital Darwinism. In this inspiring talk, Astrid guides you through some of the latest trends in digital development, and gives you an idea of ​​what the many changes means for your business. The lecture gives you the desire and courage to embark on a digital transformation of your company.

Keynote 4. Are you ready for the digital work life and to be a digital leader?

Most leaders have been taught how to lead physically. But what happens when the global workforce is transformed to digital employees? How do we collaborate, recruit and lead digitally? With the corona crisis, many companies have experienced 3-5 years digitalisation in few moths. Things that could not be done before are suddenly possible. But what have we actually learned, and what will be the long-term consequences for our way of working, and how do we maintain the positive changes? And how do we become an interesting workplace for the younger generations? This talk will help you become a better leader and create a better workplace. Because great employees lead to happy customers.

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